Francis updates:John Allen and Vatican Pied Pipers toot Francis-mania…while Hans Kung points out “the Pope and his ‘double’” shadow pope Ratzinger!

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils…

Paris Arrow

Updated November 30, 2013

While John Allen and the Vatican Pied Pipers are all tooting Francis-mania worldwide, Hans Kung is hitting the bull’s eye of the ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ Latin for “Joy of the Gospel”, the new Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis. Hans Kung’s analysis is entitled “The Pope and his ‘double’” (Italian, Il papa e il suo “doppio”) and like a prophet, he points out what the Vatican Pied Pipers are not saying (must not say) and what the 1.2 billion Catholics cannot see (must not see) — that Pope Francis is acting on the directive of his “shadow pope” Ratzinger – God’s Rottweiler Benedict XVI. At the beginning of Kung’s article, there’s a big photo of the two white popes face to face almost kissing each other (creepy creepy photo of the two very very old males ‘Brides of Christ’ in white!) Hans Kung points out that Pope Francis’ “indiscriminate rejection of abortion and women priests should arouse criticism” and that “his dogmatic scope is limited because Francis is under pressure of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and its prefect, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller?” (Read the English translation of his article below – with our highlights in yellow).

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