MM Marcial Maciel piggyback ride on Mary Magdalene in Galilee – to save face of Legion of Christ and MM billions of dollars in Vatican Swiss Banks


Paris Arrow

Updated August 31, 2014

To idiot Catholics members and priests of the Legion of Christ,

Below is our added REBUTTAL to the MM analogy between Marcial Maciel and Mary Magdalene – where we analyse sentence by sentence – the two key paragraphs of the booklet for the Magdala project. The Legion of Christ members are very stubborn in trying to justify their religious existence despite the fact that their order was founded by an evil man – thus making their congregation as a “castle built on sand”. And they will try to use this analogy in another shape and form again. This MM analogy reflects their deep-rooted fanaticism in their charismatic founder Marcial Maciel who is akin to Adolf Hitler (but in the Catholic Church). Hitler was so charismatic he convinced the youth and the entire nation of Germany to fight to be the superior race. The Legion’s Magdala project in Galilee is tantamount to having a Hitler project – with Hitler’s Nazis’ looted money – for the purpose of Holocaust victims. The Legion’s Magdala project in Galilee is already – and will be – an exploitation of women.

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