MM Marcial Maciel piggyback ride on Mary Magdalene in Galilee – to save face of Legion of Christ and MM billions of dollars in Vatican Swiss Banks


Paris Arrow

August 28, 2014

The Legion of Christ sitting on tens of billions of dollars in secret Vatican Swiss Banks and with their highest annual ordination of new priests (ordained only in Rome -even outnumbering the Opus Dei) have to find ways to justify their religious existence because whatever churches and no matter how many priests they may have – the raw truth is, the Legion of Christ is ‘a castle built on sand’ — the sand of evil– because its founder, Mr. Marcial Maciel (we refuse to call him “Father”), is one of the most evil member of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army – one of the evil Achilles Heels of Satanas St. John Paul II. Read more in our related article, John Paul II the Holy Father of Lies! Cardinal Dziwisz book: “JPII knew nothing” about bestial pedophile priest Fr. Maciel is Vatican Titanic Deceits

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