ADDENDUM to Jerry Slevin’s critique ‘Pope Francis: Children Are Good & More Children Are Better???’ …


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December 31, 2014 Happy New Year to all our friends and readers !

On December 28, in Abuse Tracker, it was a coincidence (or God-incidence because with God – and sometimes with Kathy Shaw – there is no such thing as coincidence) that Jerry Slevin’s blog, Christian Catholicism, and his critique ‘Pope Francis: Children Are Good & More Children Are Better???’ — was posted next to our blog, POPE FRANCIS the CON-Christ (con-artist really), with our REBUTTAL to Peggy Noonan’s article ‘Cardinal, Please Spare This Church’ in Wall Street Journal – Opus Dei Beast PR Stunt of Day in US

Jerry duly noted in his article that – “Pope Francis even suggests that couples may be having less children due to ‘egoism’. Francis reportedly said on 12/28/14: ‘In a world often marked by egoism, a large family is a school of solidarity and of mission that’s of benefit to the entire society …’” Here’s our addendum: Pope Francis is the Jesuit Master of Deceits – and what he really mean is, a large family – who will be on perpetual mission – to serve and work as cheap slaves laborers worldwide – for the 1% richest persons on the globe who are his cronies of looters and imperialists of multinational corporations – whose wealth are safely hidden in secret Vatican Swiss Banks and in Malta.

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