EBook about John Howard Yoder and Sexual Abuse in Mennonite Community Now Available


William D. Lindsey

On behalf of Ruth Krall* of the Enduring Space site, I’m posting the following announcement of an important new Ebook about Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder, which Ruth wants to recommend to those interested in issues of sexual abuse and faith communities:

MennoMedia and the editors of the Mennonite Quarterly Review (MQR) are making the January, 2015 MQR issue available in an Ebook format. This particular issue of the MQR “is devoted to the issue of sexual abuse – and the related issues of discipline, healing and forgiveness – within the Mennonite Church, with a particular focus on the controversy surrounding the actions of its most widely recognized theologian, John Howard Yoder.”

Mennonite historian Rachel Waltner Gossen presents the history of Yoder’s sexual abusive behaviors and the Mennonite Church’s responses to those behaviors during his lifetime. Her article is entitled, Defanging the Beast: Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Abuse.

Information about ordering this important issue of MQR is at the MennoMedia website, and also from the Amazon website.

*As regular readers of Bilgrimage will know, Ruth is a Mennonite pastoral theologian and mental health clinician who has tracked and written extensively about the Yoder story and how it affects the Mennonite community. She has significant experience in dealing with issues of sexual violence and how they affect women and children, and communities of faith in which thse issues are often ignored or covered up.

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