Five Challengers Pope Francis Now Faces

Christian Catholicism

Jerry Slevin

Five groups listed below, and likely others, are now confronting Pope Francis with immediate and serious challenges. He must meet them all or he will fail to save the leadership of the Catholic Church. He evidently has made protecting Catholic bishops his top priority.

Pope Francis, now in his 79th year, is running out of time. The pope has made insufficient progress in almost two years, despite considerable efforts. He, however, is confronting 21st Century challenges with a 19th Century strategy. For my fuller analysis of Pope Francis’ currently misguided strategies, please see my “Pope Francis Is Still Failing Too Many Abused & Abandoned Children, No?‏”

The five top challengers Pope Francis faces are: (1) Truth Tellers Using 24/7 Media & the Internet, (2) Modern Women, (3) Defenseless Children, (4) Democratic Politicians, and (5) Religious Competitors.

Truth Tellers Using 24/7 Media & the Internet: If on any day one just “googles” Pope Francis’ name, the stories challenging the Vatican’s Opus Dei influenced and well funded spin efforts are numerous and increasing. For example, see recently “Be Fruitful, Not Bananas: Pope Francis, Birth Control and American Catholics“, here:

[The New York Times]

and “Pope Francis Is A U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Public Relations Creation” here,

[Politics USA]

and “Beware of the two faces of Pope Francis: he ain’t no liberal” here,


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