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Road to Recovery

Saturday, January 3, 2014 – Road to Recovery, Inc.

The Xaverian Missionaries are a religious order of men with a headquarters in Wayne, NJ where Fr. James Tully, a serial sexual abuser of children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults is based and has lived recently. Fr. James Tully is a risk and danger to children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults.

Fr. James Tully sexually abused Anthony Turay at approximately age 19. Anthony Turay is a native of Makeni, Sierra Leone, Africa, who came from a devout Catholic family and attended a junior seminary in order to be a priest. Anthony Turay was also sexually abused at approximately age 20 by Br. Martin O’Reilly, CFC, at the Christian Brothers’ Formation Center in Gbarnga, Liberia, Africa, where Anthony was preparing to become a religious brother.

The Xaverian Missionaries have refused to treat Anthony Turay fairly and justly because of the effects of the sexual abuse of Fr. James Tully, Xaverian Missionary.

A demonstration and leafleting alerting a New Jersey neighborhood and the general public to the dangers posed by a missionary religious order of men which refuses to treat an African sexual abuse victim, Anthony Turay, of a missionary priest, Fr. James Tully, fairly and justly.

Sunday, January 4, 2015 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm (press conference at Noon)

Outside the headquarters of the Xaverian Missionary Religious Order, 12 Helene Court, Wayne, NJ 07470 – 973-942-2975

Anthony Turay, an African man who was sexually abused by Fr. James Tully in a Catholic parish in Kamalo, Sierra Leone at approximately the age of 19; his fiancée; Dr. Robert M. Hoatson, President of Road to Recovery, Inc., a non-profit charity that assists victims of sexual abuse and their families; Kevin Waldrip, a New Jersey sexual abuse victim and supporter of sexual abuse victims.

The Xaverian Missionaries are an international religious order working in approximately 21 countries, including Sierra Leone in Africa. Fr. James Tully, a Xaverian Missionary, is a serial sexual abuser of children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults. The Xaverian Missionaries have settled claims against Fr. Tully for sexually abusing children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults in the United States and foreign countries. Anthony Turay, an innocent victim from Sierra Leone in Africa, was sexually abused by Fr. James Tully at the Xaverian Missionary parish in Kamalo, Sierra Leone on more than one occasion. Demonstrators will go door to door in the cul-de-sac neighborhood of Wayne, NJ where the leaders of the Xaverian Missionaries are based warning innocent families of the danger posed by Fr. James Tully and the Xaverian Missionary leaders who enabled and continue to enable him.

Robert M. Hoatson, Ph.D., President, Road to Recovery, Inc., 862-368-2800
Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, Boston, MA – 617-523-6250

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