Pope Francis Overlooks Women as New Cardinals

Christian Catholicism

Jerry Slevin

* Pope Francis added new Cardinals disregarding as absolute monarch the canon law cap of 120 voting Cardinals, yet he still left out women. He picked only men who previously had been selected apparently as obedient and conformist bishops by the current pope’s two conservative predecessors. Francis could have added some women, but as expected, he failed to do so. Of course, he still can add women. He now will move forward soon to preach the ban on contraception to the overcrowded Philippines, and in nine months to conclude his lackluster October Final Synod of the Family run solely by celibate men. Hello?

* Cardinal appointments and papal elections take on special significance now, given the rapidly declining papal prestige and power due to the unchecked priest child abuse scandal. Ironically, the same day that the new Cardinals were named, BishopAccountability.org carried a well deserved tribute to Trish McClelland, one of several unheralded women including Kathy Shaw, Anne Barrrett Doyle and Sylvia Demarest, who have quietly and effectively helped to bring the child abuse scandal to the world’s attention. See:

* [BishopAccountability.org – Trish McLelland]

As expected, “”rubber stamp” journalists and opportunistic apologists, including pathetically many women, have praised Francis for advancing with his latest appointments to the 19th Century with greater geographical diversity, while underplaying Francis’ failure to move into the 21st Century without even a token appointment reflecting gender equality.

Pope Francis will, it appears, continue to rely for women’s input mainly on the likes of US conservative, Mary Ann Glendon, as he continues to work hard to install a friendlier (Republican) US president and to continue a friendly US Supreme Court, while “keeping women in their proper place” principally as child bearing producers. Please see my remarks. “Hillary Clinton vs. Pope Francis in 2015″ at:

* [Christian Catholicism]

Catholics have now seen enough of Pope Francis’ “words without deeds” strategy. They all need now to require that their leaders follow the Gospels. Catholics can require this by (1) ending their donations that even indirectly benefit bishops, (2) publicly challenging their bishops often, and (3) demanding that their democratically elected officials (A) investigate, and if the evidence is found, prosecute suspected bishops, and (B) end all subsidies to bishops.

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