Fr. Lombardi: L’Espresso articles are undignified and petty

Vatican Insider

The Vatican spokesman informed that the Vatican’s financial statements for 2014 will be published in the next few months, along with the estimated budgets for 2015 for all of the entities of the Holy See, including the Secretariat


The Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has responded to a series of articles published in today’s issue of Italian weekly news magazine L’Espresso, on the internal struggles purportedly going on within the Vatican regarding the ongoing economic reforms. “Passing confidential documents to the press for polemical ends or to foster conflict is not new, but is always to be strongly condemned, and is illegal,” Fr. Lombardi said. “The fact that complex economic or legal issues are the subject of discussion and diverse points of view should be considered normal. In light of the views expressed, the Pope issues guidelines, and everybody follows them.” And finally, “the article makes direct personal attacks that should be considered undignified and petty.” The Vatican spokesman also announced that the Secretariat for the Economy headed by George Pell “is expected in the next few months to publish the financial statements for 2014 and the estimated budgets for 2015 for all of the entities of the Holy See, including the Secretariat itself.”

Recalling the Vatileaks days, the title today’s issue of L’Espresso, a preview of which was available yesterday, reads: “Santa Romana Spesa” (Holy Roman Expenditures) with a sub-heading which translates as: “Struggles breaks out once again in the Curia over control of finances, hospitals and real estate property. Pope Francis’ reforms are at risk. An exclusive inquiry into what is going on inside the Vatican walls”. At the heart of the inquiry, is the Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Australian cardinal George Pell, especially in two of the articles titled respectively: “Peccati cardinali” (Cardinal sins) and “I lussi del moralizzatore” (The luxuries of a moralizer).

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