Pedophiles Down Under

Pedophiles Down Under

Fiona Barnett

Exposing Australia’s VIP Child Abuse Network

Welcome to this site which aims to give a voice to the many Australian victims of VIP child trafficking, ritual abuse and mind control. This site provides access to Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl memoirs that will be gradually uploaded. It will offer links to the coming documentary of the same name. It also features testimonies by other Australian victims, relevant articles, and further resources.

An important function of this site is to share a rare wealth of information about the availability of support for Australians, and to expose the dangers hidden within the Australian mental health, counselling and so-called ‘christian’ ministry scenes. The first step to healing is to beware that perpetrators aren’t stupid – they place themselves in optimal positions for accessing and silencing desperate victims.

This site is hosted at great personal risk and expense. VIP pedophile rings are an incomparable force of social and legal influence. They are highly organised with access to seemingly limitless financial and human resources. Like any successful organisation, they employ public relations experts to protect their image and keep their criminal activities secret. They employ experts in human psychology who appreciate that people think in a pack mentally, and that the majority will shun an individual who is discredited, even on the basis of false information. The VIP pedophile rings also pay professionals to sit on computers, troll sites like this, and post comments that distract, influence, misinform and deter the public from belief and action.

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