Another allegation surfaces of molestation by archbishop


By Krystal Paco

It’s the latest of accusations against Archbishop Anthony Apuron, as an Agat woman now residing in Arizona says she’s been harboring her son’s secret for far too long.

Doris Concepcion was blinded by her faith, telling KUAM News, “You do not question the priest. I was one of those parents you don’t question the priest.” as a young boy, her son Joseph Anthony Quinata, better known as “Sonny” or “Chico” was an altar boy at Mount Carmel Church in Agat. For years, she couldn’t explain his rebellious behavior towards then-priest Anthony Apuron.

She continued, “Apuron called me up and told me that Sonny had kicked him in the groin and tried to attack him with a knife and even tried to burn the rectory down. And so my son comes home and I would spank him. And he does not want to go with Apuron because Apruon would say, ‘I need Sonny to spend the night at the house. My house with me so he can help me do some stuff.’ And so I figured, ‘OK, Father.’ And I would get mad at my son.”

It wasn’t until Sonny was on his deathbed did he tell his mother his big secret. “He said, ‘I can’t take this with me, Mama.’ I said what? Take what? ‘Father Apuron molested me when I was an altar boy in Agat and he was a priest.”

Sonny was 38-years-old. Those were his final words to his mother who has kept his secret for the last eleven years. She tells KUAM News she finally understands her son’s rough life – as a student his grades dropped and as an adult he struggled with drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. Although she believed Sonny was the only victim, it was Roy Quintanilla also from Agat who she credits for giving her courage to speak out. Just weeks ago, Quintanilla publicly accused Apuron of molesting him as a child.

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