Yeshivah continues to cause victims to suffer

Manny Waks


​The damning report released yesterday by the Royal Commission into Yeshivah includes findings that ‘the responses of leadership groups to the adverse experiences of survivors and their families ranged from inaction to enabling those adverse experiences.’.

It is truly extraordinary and ironic that on the same day the findings have come out, the Yeshivah leadership invited David Werdiger to host an event on its premises as part of an election process brought about by the Royal Commission and intended as a response to the horrific failures of the Yeshivah leadership to act against those who have been part of the attacks against victims and their families for seeking justice in relation to their abuse. Such attacks, from many quarters, have included the use of anonymous blogs, the spreading of vicious lies against victims and their families, and general intimidation. Werdiger is scheduled to host another similar event tonight.

Those who have read my book will be aware of the role Werdiger has played in my personal suffering. Another victim has also alleged his personal and family’s suffering as a result of Werdiger, and has even sought the court’s intervention against Werdiger in connection with his alleged conduct.

Werdiger has written the following to me:

‘Zev, on the other hand, will now be branded a pedophile for life when more likely he’s just harmless & messed up [as opposed to David Cyprys]’

Zev is Velvel Serebryanski. Velvel sexually abused me several times inside the Yeshivah Centre Synagogue and at another synagogue. I was around 11-12 years old. I have also spoken directly to another one of Velvel’s alleged victims, and I understand through another victim advocate that there is at least one other alleged victim. Neither is ready at this stage to go through a court case. Velvel is also the cousin of Werdiger.

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