Evangelist Clayton Jennings Steps Away From Ministry After Multiple Sex Partners Come Forward

Christian Post

Dec 1, 2016

Clayton Jennings, a youth evangelist, author and actor who rose to fame in 2011 after his self-produced film “Strayland” became a hit, has stepped away from his ministry after several women came forward alleging he engaged in extra-marital sexual relations with them.

In a series of articles in the Polemics Report, blogger JD Hall highlighted the confessions of a number of women who claim Jennings, 28, wooed them into sexual sin while plying them at times with alcohol and pushing the use of the morning-after pill to limit the possibility of a career-ending pregnancy. The Christian News Network suggested at least six women have come forward so far.

“I told him I had never been in a serious relationship and so had never been with a guy physically that way before. He would then take my hands in an effort to ‘teach me what to do.’ I felt like a broken record telling him that I was a virgin and wanted to save myself for marriage,” one woman alleged of her experience with Jennings before he was married.

“We didn’t actually have sex, but I was pressured into being sexually intimate with him in other ways. I told him that it was my belief that sexual favors (of all forms) outside of marriage is a sin against God. He would stare at me with such a confused look on his face as he assured me ‘No, it’s not the same’ and because of his authority as a ‘minister,’ I believed him and gave in.”

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