Where Should Sex Offenders Go?

The Jewish Press

By: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
Published: December 28th, 2016

“Does a guy who committed a sex offense have no place to live for the rest of his life? What should he do now?”

This question, taken from an e-mail I recently received, was just one of the many challenges community leaders are grappling with nowadays as awareness about child safety is (thankfully) growing. Here are some others:

* Should registered offenders be permitted to enter synagogues? And if so, under what conditions?

* What about people who pled guilty to child abuse charges, but were not given the status of sex offenders as part of their plea deal?

* Is it ethical for people to “chase” offenders away from their neighborhood by making things very uncomfortable for them? Isn’t this just passing the problem along, often to unsuspecting communities?

These issues need to be addressed and we would be well served by having respectful discussions of these highly charged topics in our public squares.

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