Laicos de Osorno pidieron la salida del obispo Barros con una velatón en Santiago

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>>Group of Lay People from Osorno Announce Protests during the Pope’s Visit

January 12, 2018

Una veintena de personas del grupo de laicos de Osorno realizaron una velatón en el frontis de la Catedral de Santiago para exigir la salida del obispo de la ciudad Juan Barros, a quien se le sindica como encubridor de los abusos sexuales cometidos por Fernando Karadima.

La protesta se da dos días antes del arribo del papa Francisco a Chile, quien ha sido criticado por el nombramiento de Barros.

[Google Translation: The grouping of Osorninos accused the apostolic nuncio Ivo Scapolo of being “subservient to the interests of the people close to Fernando Karadima”.

Juan Carlos Claret, spokesman for the Laity and Lay organization of Osorno, summoned the Pope and the episcopate of Santiago to meet with victims of sexual abuse by priests , as well as punishments against those who abetted these abuses. This at a press conference held in the vicinity of the Apostolic Nunciature of Santiago.

Following the letter of Pope Francisco of 2015 released on Thursday by Associated Press (AP), in which the Supreme Pontiff explains the background of the designation of Barros as bishop of Osorno, the group of Osorninos announced new manifestations.

For the Laity of Osorno ” the nuncio (Ivo) Scapolo is subservient to the interests of the people close to Fernando Karadima and against that power Cardinal Ezzati and the Pope himself succumb. That letter shows the background of how bishops are chosen in Chile. ”

Claret said that “if you read the letter you will notice that Jesus is not spoken, the highest good is not spoken, the welfare of the diocese is not spoken, but there is talk of a game of thrones of those who want to hold a power, which it is the episcopate, and they do everything possible to keep the cassock. ”

Two days ago Claret said “where the Pope is in Santiago, we will be there”. This is because in his words, and according to the organization he represents, ” without a doubt, a piece is missing here and it is the opportunity that, having it on Chilean soil, the Pope has to respond”.

While the Supreme Pontiff arrived, they announced a velatón in the cathedral of Osorno for this Friday at 8:00 pm , which will be a manifestation to demand answers to the episcopate for cases of abuse and possible cover-ups.

Likewise, a delegation from Osorno will arrive in Santiago to be part of the demonstrations that will accompany the papal activities.]

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