Obispo Barros debe renunciar


>>>Bishop Barros must resign

January 23, 2018

By Sergio Bitar

Finalizada la visita del Papa en Chile ¿cuál es el diagnóstico que hará la iglesia chilena?, ¿qué conclusiones extraerá el Vaticano? Aunque no parece aconsejable intervenir en los temas internos de la iglesia, la visita del Papa la trasciende. Es un tema público.

Pensé y pienso que esta visita era una oportunidad para que los progresistas escucharan sus planteamientos sociales y políticos. Los pensamientos predicados por el Papa inspiran a muchas personas que comparten los valores de inclusión social y solidaridad, sustentabilidad ambiental, participación ciudadana y diversidad cultural.

Resultó decepcionante que esos planteamientos fueran casi silenciados por un manejo tan poco inteligente. Reapareció nuevamente una iglesia chilena que pone en primer plano los temas sexuales en lugar de los temas culturales, sociales y políticos.

[Google Translation: After the Pope’s visit to Chile, what is the diagnosis of the Chilean church? What conclusions will the Vatican draw? Although it does not seem advisable to intervene in the internal issues of the church, the Pope’s visit transcends it. It is a public issue.

I thought and I think that this visit was an opportunity for the progressives to listen to their social and political proposals. The thoughts preached by the Pope inspire many people who share the values ​​of social inclusion and solidarity, environmental sustainability, citizen participation and cultural diversity.

It was disappointing that these approaches were almost silenced by such an unintelligent management. A Chilean church reappeared that puts sexual issues in the foreground instead of cultural, social and political issues.

The behavior of Bishop Barros, questioned by members of the church, also receives the disapproval of the laity. Barros boasted of the support of the Curia and this hurt the feeling of thousands of Chileans.

Nor was the Pope’s stiff affirmation so supportive. One wonders who are the advisors that lead him to express himself in that way. The image of many brave priests and nuns, true shepherds, who deserve the respect of all, was damaged.

Undoubtedly there is a serious distancing of a part of the leadership of the Catholic Church and the feeling of Chilean citizenship. The same thing happens to political parties.

The difference is that, in the case of parties, it is spoken directly, sometimes the feeling of the majority is collected and the resignation of those who cause such damage is requested.

The Church is not immune to the obsolescence of certain ideas and behaviors, in a rapidly changing world, where people are more empowered, are more educated and aware, seek to be heard and establish a less vertical, closer relationship.

Pope Francis is making a great effort and has shown leadership to renew. His recognition of the error that meant asking for “proofs” is a gesture of humility.

But that is not enough if each national church is not updated and in our case, the Chilean Church.

If before there was a small group of questioners from Bishop Barros today there is a feeling of generalized disapproval, which will not leave him alone while he maintains that task. When performing public projection functions, it is not proceeded like a court of justice that fails after years, based on evidence. The general consequences are measured in society and in institutions. B ien har ed the bishop to resign to overcome this impasse.

I add to these words the strongest condemnation of criminals who burn churches. It is unacceptable and these facts can not go unnoticed, however intense the controversy that arose after the papal visit.]

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