Papa Francisco en Chile: dura crítica de la esposa del ex presidente Eduadro Frei a Bergoglio: “No le creo nada”


January 16, 2018

>>Pope Francis in Chile: harsh criticism of Bergoglio from former president Eduadro Frei’s wife : “I do not believe anything”

La ex primera dama reaccionó así al pedido de perdón del pontífice por los abusos a menores. Fue al advertir que en la misa de hoy participó un obispo acusado de encubrir a un pedófilo.

Una de las voces más duras este martes contra el Papa Francisco y sus palabras de recogimiento por las denuncias de pedofilia fue la de la ex Primera Dama chilena, Marta Larraechea. La mujer es la esposa del ex mandatario Eduardo Frei uno de los líderes históricos del partido Demócrata Cristiano chileno.

En un implacable mensaje en la red Twitter se sumó a los cuestionamientos al sostener sobre el Papa “no le creo nada, dice una cosa y hace otra”.

Criticó enseguida al polémico clérigo Juan Barros, señalado por ocultar estos crímenes pero que de todos modos fue ascendido por Jorge Bergoglio al cargo de obispo de Osorno. El obispo estuvo este martes en la misa que ofreció el Papa. “Barros participa de la ceremonia en Parque O’Higggins, qué vergüenza, de qué pide ‘disculpas’ el Papa “, se preguntó la ex Primera Dama.

En la misma línea se pronunció el periodista Juan Carlos Cruz, víctima de los abusos sexuales cometidos por el cura Fernando Karadima, uno de cuyos aliados principales fue justamente el obispo Barros.

[Google Translation: The former first lady reacted thus to the pontiff’s request for pardon for the abuse of minors. It was when he noticed that a bishop accused of covering up a pedophile had participated in the mass today.

Photo caption: The Bishop of Osorno, Juan Barros, during the Mass of Pope Francis, this Tuesday in Santiago.

One of the toughest voices against Pope Francis on Tuesday and his words of recollection for the denunciations of pedophilia was that of the former Chilean First Lady, Marta Larraechea. The wife is the wife of former president Eduardo Frei, one of the historic leaders of the Chilean Christian Democrat Party.

In an implacable message on the Twitter network, he joined the questioning of the Pope, “I do not believe anything, he says one thing and he does another.”

He immediately criticized the controversial cleric Juan Barros, who was accused of hiding these crimes but was promoted by Jorge Bergoglio to the post of Bishop of Osorno anyway . The bishop was on Tuesday at the Mass offered by the Pope. “Barros participates in the ceremony at Parque O’Higggins, what a shame, what does the Pope” apologize for “, the former First Lady asked herself.

In the same line, the journalist Juan Carlos Cruz, victim of the sexual abuses committed by the priest Fernando Karadima, one of whose main allies was just Bishop Barros, was pronounced.

“The Pope apologizes for abuses in (his speech in) La Moneda. Another good headline that takes applause and stays there. Another cheap holder. Enough of forgiveness, more actions. The hiding bishops there follow. Empty words. Pain and shame is what the victims feel, “he said in his Twitter account.

Karadima is a priest accused of numerous crimes linked to pedophilia and illicit enrichment. He was not, however, prosecuted for justice because his crimes were prescribed. In addition, the Church as the only punishment ordered him to seclude and pray and prevented him from continuing to officiate mass. But, later, images appeared where the priest showed himself presiding over these ceremonies.

In an interview with the US network CNN of Chile, the journalist said, later, that in the Vatican “they are cowards, they say this for the headlines, but when we ask them to come together and tell them our story, nothing happens. He keeps the version of people like Ricardo Ezzati (metropolitan archbishop of Santiago) or Francisco Javier Errazuriz (cardinal, archbishop emeritus of Santiago) “.

“The only thing they have done is slapping us. When we accused of being abused by the monster, he took our hands,” Cruz concluded, referring to Karadima and the curia.

Barros reacted by assuring that “many lies have been said” and that he has never witnessed abuse. Cruz returned there to the charge, in statements to Tele13 Radio: “Tell me in my face, he was present, and sorry if I’m raw, when Karadima touched my genitals, when he made me kiss him and did that with others. And Juan was standing there, when he also hugged and kissed with Karadima and we saw several, “he shot.]

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