Did “the Scourge of Homosexuality” Cause the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal?


October 20, 2018

By Rebecca Hamilton

It appears that the he said/he said back and forth between Archbishop Vigano and the Vatican is still chugging down the road. The latest installment is Archbishop Vigano’s statement that the clergy sex abuse scandal is caused by “the scourge of homosexuality.”

While it’s true that 80% of the victims of sex abuse by Catholic clergy are young men and boys, that number flips over almost exactly in the larger population where slightly over 70% of the victims of abuse are female.

Sexual abuse, assault and rape are not homosexual problems. They are, primarily, a male problem. Notice, I said “primarily.” While it’s true that 96% of the perpetrators of sexual assault, abuse and rape are male, 4% are female.

Does this mean that there’s something “wrong” with the Y chromosome? Does it have a sexual aberration gene on it that makes it unsafe to let men walk the streets without a jailor? Absolutely not.

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