Rep. Jackie Speier shares her horrific childhood ordeal


December 3, 2018

By Cheryl Jennings

ABC 7 News Anchor Cheryl Jennings recently had an exclusive interview with Congresswoman Jackie Speier of San Mateo County. They talked about the Congresswoman’s new book, “Undaunted”, in which she shares some very difficult things about her life.

Speier reveals a horrific childhood ordeal.

And, she goes into detail about what happened to her at the Jonestown Massacre 40 years ago, in Guyana. The leader of a cult ordered the deaths of 900 people. Speier was shot multiple times and left for dead. She was included in a recent documentary Jonestown on ABC. While she was describing the contents of the book, Speier began to slowly describe what happened when she was just a child.

Jackie Speier: “When I was a young girl, my grandfather molested me. And it took me years to tell my mother.
Cheryl Jennings: “It was her father?”
Jackie Speier: It was my father’s father. And I had just basically put it away.
Cheryl Jennings: “How old were you.
Jackie Speier: “You know, I think i was maybe five, six, seven.
Cheryl Jennings: “So this is a recovered memory.
Jackie Speier: “Yes.”

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