Abuse allegations against a nun

CBS 21

April 25, 2019

By Jasmine Brooks

Since the Catholic Church Grand Jury Report was released in August, PA lawmakers have been looking at strengthening laws relating to child sexual abuse.

This woman, Trish Cahill, was paid an out of court settlement by a New Jersey congregation.

but she says money will never heal her deepest wounds.

She now lives in Lancaster.

“I’m am sixty-plus years old and I have never had a sexual relationship in my life.”

Trish Cahill says instead she’s experienced sexual abuse and rape – and the perpetrators were two Catholic priests and a nun.

One of those priests she says, was her uncle.

“He said, we don’t talk about this.” Said Trish Cahill. “When I wear the white collar, everything is under the seal of the confessional.”

She was sworn to secrecy by her trusted uncle and the family patriarch, and Cahill says she was first molested at 5 years-old in New Jersey.

She remembers the details of that church visit with her uncle vividly.

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