Letter: Church leaders must stop blaming others for its woes

Buffalo News

April 22, 2019

It is hard to fathom that at this late stage of the catastrophic damage done to the Catholic Church by pedophile parading as priests, the church hierarchy decides to play the blame game.

Recently, Bishop Richard Malone, when exposed for hiding the names of at least 27 more pedophiles, responded by blame the media. Apparently, he felt that only one complaint against a pedophile priest was not sufficient evidence to add that priest to the list already published.

Hence his illogical conclusion, the media is the root cause of this continuing problem in the church.

This opinion was backed up by the recent letter from retired Pope Benedict. His contention was the blame for this upheaval of epic proportions in the church finds it root causes in the 60s sexual revolution, birth control, liberation theology, liberal theological outlooks and not church leaders turning a blind eye to the problem.

Can these church leaders seriously believe in 2019 that anyone would believe this outrageously condescending explanation for its own inability or unconcern in rooting out and eliminate scores of pedophiles in its own ranks?

The problem is not the media, the 60s, birth control or anything other than the church leaders themselves. Their decadeslong cover up, which continues to this day is the root cause for the mess they created.

Gary Rog


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