SNAP Stands in Solidarity with Abuse Survivors from the Boy Scouts

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

April 24, 2019

In the past several weeks, hundreds of survivors of abuse at the hands of Boy Scout leaders have come forward . SNAP stands with these brave survivors as they share what happened to them and to seek to prevent future children from being abused.

Like other victims of institutional abuse, the BSA survivors have shared stories of being intimidated into silence, feelings of shame and guilt, and worries that no one would ever believe them. Just like other institutions that have had massive abuse scandals, the BSA has been accused of concealing cases of abuse and working to keep allegations quiet.

We hope that, as these survivors continue to come forward and share what happened to them, their experiences will lead to meaningful change within the structure of the BSA to ensure that no other children are victimized by someone who is supposed to care for them. If abuse does occur, we hope that it will never again be swept under the rug in order to preserve the reputation of an institution over the safety of children.

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