Ruth Krall, Religious Leader Sexual Abuse — What Language Shall We Use?

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June 20, 2019

By William Lindsey

This essay is the third in a series Ruth Krall has written with the title “Recapitulation: Affinity Sexual Violence in a Religious Voice.” The first essay in the series was published in two parts (here and here), and was followed by another two-part essay (here and here). As Ruth notes below, “In the first two essays, I utilized the language of public health to explore issues of prevention, containment and treatment. In this essay I have raised questions about how we begin to study these issues. I have raised the question of our research language as essential.”

As she further states, “Vis-à-vis the current clergy sexual abuse issue in multiple world religions, we need, I believe, an enhanced vocabulary. We need this enhanced and more precise vocabulary in order to comprehend the complex institutional forces at work in today’s religious communities as they experience and/or demonstrate the affinity sexual violence phenomena.” Here’s Ruth’s valuable essay:

Religious Leader Sexual Abuse — What Language Shall We Use?

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