Ruth Krall, Historical Meandering: Ideologies of Abuse and Exclusion (2)

Bilgrimage blog

July 29, 2019

By William Lindsey

The essay below is the second part of Ruth Krall’s essay entitled “Historical Meandering: Ideologies of Abuse and Exclusion.” The first part was published on Bilgrimage several days ago. As the introduction to the essay at the link I have just provided explains, the essay is one of a series of essays Ruth has published on Bilgrimage, under the series title “Recapitulation: Affinity Sexual Violence in a Religious Voice.” Links to the previous essays in this series appear at the link I’ve just given you above. The common theme binding these essays together is the endemic natural of religious and spiritual leader sexual abuse of followers. The current essay explores this theme by arguing that clergy sexual abuse is a global public health issue whose noxious presence can be found inside multiple language groups and national identities. The second part of Ruth’s essay, “Historical Meandering,” follows (note that footnotes begin with xiii because this essay is a continuation of the first part published previously):

Historical Meandering: Ideologies of Abuse and Exclusion

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