Church Militant

Nov. 1, 2019

The onslaught of damning news surrounding Vatican corruption, sexual and financial, all has one thing in common: It’s always exposed by outside interests.

These hierarchs never admit or confess a thing. Doesn’t matter what it is; no scandal is too small or too big to try and cover up. These men lie and distort; they never admit anything until they are caught — and then it’s always someone else’s fault, or they were advised poorly, etc.

Poor, naïve prelates. No one understands them. Please!

Take, for example, the case of former cardinal, now Mr. Theodore McCarrick. Where exactly does the investigation on him stand right now? It was, after all, more than 13 months ago that Pope Francis himself said,”We we will follow the path of truth wherever it may lead” as we scour through “the entire documentation.”

This does not look good at all, and frankly, it doesn’t look good because it isn’t good.

The entire McCarrick affair — filthy and sordid — involves dozens of high-ranking Churchmen who profited handsomely by keeping their mouths shut and allowed McCarrick to keep sexually assaulting dozens of seminarians — and as is coming out now, not just a few minor boys but a sizeable number.

But good luck getting any response from the Vatican on the state of the investigation.

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