[Opinion] The Powerful Do Not Get a Pass on Sexual Abuse

StandUpSpeakUp.org (blog)

April 26, 2020

By Tim Lennon

We have seen the recent articles concerning former Vice President Joseph Biden allegedly sexually attacking one of his aides over twenty-five years ago. The recent articles in The Guardian, The Nation Magazine, Salon, and Huffington Post provide a variety of analyses. The articles have raised a storm of wrangling in the comment section.

The Apologists

The apologists for Biden say Trump sexually abused more, so, in comparison, Biden is OK. Advocates for survivors call out the hypocrisy of Democratic Party hierarchy and their double standard. Joining in the mix are the partisan and Russian trolls who muddy every exchange.

The powerful do not get a pass. Why doesn’t the Democratic Party throw Biden out like they did Sen. Franklin? How can those who viciously attacked Justice Kavanaugh for sexual abuse and then turn around and say Joe Biden should get a free pass? Because he is better than Trump? Not only is this argument hypocritical, it is also insulting and disturbing.

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