The Many “Good Things” That Abuse Survivors are Denied

UNITED STATES (law firm blog)

June 5, 2020

Everyone knows that many abuse victims do BAD things as a result of their pain.

But few notice the GOOD things abuse victims do NOT do as a result of their pain.


–The perpetrator was a teacher, so the victim ends up dropping out of school and never returns.

–The perpetrator was a counselor, so the victim doesn’t feel safe turning to a therapist for help.

–The perpetrator was a masseuse, so the victim never again feels comfortable seeking a massage.

–The perpetrator was associated with athletics, so the victim ends up deprived of pursuing sports as an outlet for relaxation, fitness and social bonding.

–The perpetrator was a religious figure, so the victim ends up deprived of the solace and sense of community that a spiritual life brings.

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