Report: Claims of Sexual Misconduct at Presentation High School

Van Dermyden Maddux Law Firm

Released July 9, 2020; dated June 30, 2020

This Report summarizes the information gathered, and sets forth our findings and conclusions. We have endeavored to keep the Report as succinct as possible, while providing enough information to explain and support our findings and conclusions. Below, we provide an Executive
Summary of key points.

• None of the individuals who we determined engaged in sexual misconduct or abuse are currently employed at Pres.

• We sustained allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse as to five former faculty members and one former coach, for conduct that took place from the early 1980s to 2013. These individuals are identified in this Report because we received sufficient information to form a good-faith belief the alleged conduct occurred, applying the standards outlined herein.

• This Report also details allegations against six additional Staff members, none of whom are currently employed at Pres. These individuals are not named because we received less supporting evidence for the claims, and/or after a full review of the information collected, we determined the conduct asserted, while in some cases inappropriate or unprofessional, did not meet the definition of sexual misconduct, as defined. For these, the Report details information we received regarding Pres’ knowledge of and response to the claims. We also list additional claims for which, despite best efforts, we could not obtain enough information to meaningfully analyze or assess the allegations.

• Some of the conduct was reported to former Principals Marian Stuckey or Mary Miller or other Staff at the time, but no action – or ineffective action – was taken. In several instances, there was a concerning lack of curiosity about information which was shared, resulting in a failure to adequately investigate or act timely on information which may have led to more immediate and effective responses. In other cases, the conduct was
appropriately addressed by Pres. In some instances, the allegations were not known to the Principal or other Staff at the time.

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