Methodist Church awaiting investigation report of alleged abuse

FBC News (Fiji)

March 10, 2021

By Praneeta Prakash

The Department of Social Welfare is liaising with the Methodist Church of Fiji in relation to the allegation of abuse on children at the Dilkusha Home.

Director Rupeni Fatiaki confirms they are working with the Methodist Church.

The Police Force also says they are still investigating the matter however they haven’t confirmed whether they have interviewed anyone in relation to this.

Methodist Church President, Reverand Ili Vunisuwai, earlier confirmed that they have interviewed the Deaconess and the children at the Home.

Reverend Vunisuwai has denied the allegation however FBC News understands there is photographic evidence of the alleged assault.

He says they are waiting for the investigation report and if there is any evidence of alleged abuse then they will take action.

The matter was first lodged at the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission who have referred the matter to the Police.