Protesters urge Diocese of Rockville Centre to release names of 40 prominent clergymen accused of sexual abuse

News 12 Long Island [Woodbury NY]

April 25, 2021


Protesters formed outside St. Agnes Cathedral Sunday to demand the Diocese of Rockville Centre to release the names of clergymen accused of sexually abusing children, teens, and vulnerable adults.

After the diocese filed for bankruptcy to pay damages to abuse survivors, it named more than 100 priests and deacons that have been accused of sexual abuse in accordance with the court’s ruling.

However, victims and their advocates say the list fails to include more than 40 prominent clergymen.

Harold Siering, of Massapequa Park, says he was abused hundreds of times by a clergy member on Long Island, and he wants victims to file lawsuits against the diocese about the alleged abuse before a court deadline of Aug. 14.

“We continue to protest because I want to let the whole world know that there are survivors out there that can help other survivors. We have a date coming up of Aug. 14 this year that you have to file your claim with the court, otherwise you’re going to be left in the dark,” said Siering. “It’s horrible. So I want to let everybody know that it’s okay to come forward, say your piece, because we’re going to protect you as well.”

A spokesperson for the diocese says it, “did not determine which names went on the list… the bankruptcy court decided which names would be included. It is a matter of public record that the court determined the objective criteria for the list, and the Diocese was simply following the court order.”