Tetlow makes statement after former Loyola priest rape allegation

The Maroon - Loyola University [New Orleans LA]

April 18, 2021

By Domonique Tolliver

University President Tania Tetlow sent out a statement via email this morning addressing a rape allegation against Rev. Ted Dziak, former VP for Mission and Identity at Loyola.

This statement comes after a Nola.com article that details accusations against Dziak, former Loyola priest, of rape and inappropriate conduct while on mission trips through Jesuit Volunteers International, an international volunteer program Dziak founded. The allegations did not occur during Dziak’s time at Loyola.

Tetlow claims Loyola only recently found out about the allegations after being contacted by a reporter for comment. The university is not aware of any allegations against Dziak during his time at Loyola, according to Tetlow.

Dziak left Loyola in the summer of 2020 after a year-long, faith-based sabbatical, according to former Loyola Maroon articles.

In the Nola.com article, Tim Ballard, 40, detailed accusations that Dziak raped him on a volunteer mission in 2004. Ballard said he recalls four instances of alleged rape. Three occurred after drinking alcohol, Ballard said. A fourth occurred after drinking non-alcoholic beverages that left him feeling incapacitated, making Ballard suspect that Dziak had drugged him on the previous occasions.

Dziak was also accused of using manipulative behavior by another former volunteer.

“As someone who has spent a career advocating for survivors of sexual assault, I remind us to pray hard for those who go through unimaginable pain,” Tetlow said.

Tetlow encouraged students that are in need of support to reach out to counselingpastoral care. She also said faculty and staff may use Loyola’s Employee Assistance Program.

Tetlow also encouraged students that have information about this or any other case to report it to the university.

Domonique Tolliver is The Maroon’s audience engagement manager and a staff writer from New Orleans. She is a mass communication major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in women’s studies. Domonique aspires to work in newsroom diversity management. Outside of The Maroon, Domonique enjoys photography, writing, traveling and yoga. She can be contacted at djtolliv@my.loyno.edu.