Advocates call on Rochester Diocese to stop delaying sexual abuse settlements

Spectrum News [Syracuse NY]

June 12, 2021

A call on the Rochester Diocese has been placed to stop delaying the process of sexual abuse settlements.

Road to Recovery, Inc. sent that message during a press conference outside Sacred Heart Cathedral Friday.

The non-profit helps victims of sexual abuse as well as their families.

They are calling on Bishop Salvatore Matano and the Diocese of Rochester to stop delaying the lawsuit process.

Attorneys say those delays re-victimize survivors of clergy sexual abuse.

“The waiting game by the Diocese of Rochester is meant to wear the victims out, but that’s not going to work,” Attorney Mitchell Garabedian said. “The victims are now survivors, they’re strong, they’re ready to go to court, they’re ready to see this play out for years.”

Twenty clergy sexual abuse victims have requested their cases be heard in state court rather than as part of the Rochester Diocese bankruptcy proceeding.

Advocates say that’s because of the diocese’s failure to fairly mediate claims of abuse.