Famous Pakistani religious cleric arrested over sexual assault of a student

Khaama Press News Agency [Kabul, Afghanistan]

June 20, 2021

The Lahore police reported that they had filed a complaint against Mufti Azizur Rahman after distressing video footage of the priest allegedly sexually abusing one of his students quickly went viral.

Local media reported that the victim has included in his complaint that he was barred from taking examinations at Wafaqul Madaris for three years because Mufti Rahman had accused him and another student of cheating.

Mufti Rahman allegedly told the victim that if he engages in sexual activity and pleases Mufti, he will help him with his exams, and the victim had no choice but to be sexually abused.

The distressing video, which went viral a few days ago, sparked outrage on social media, with many demanding that it should be prosecuted. Meanwhile, Mufti Rahman asserted his innocence in a video message claimed that the student in the video had drugged him and made him lose his wits.

Mufti Aziz al Rahman is a 70-year-old religious cleric as well as Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam deputy Ameer.

According to local media, several searches were undertaken in different sections of the city to apprehend the cleric, said Lahore police spokesperson Arif Rana, “but the suspect fled”, he expressed.

Today, June 20th, Lahore police have arrested Mufti Azizur Rahman, who has been accused of sexually abusing his seminary student, along with his two sons. The student had asserted that Mufti’s sons threatened to murder him for exposing their father.