Internationally Infamous Abusive Priest has Roots in Malone NY

Noaker Law Firm LLC [St. Louis Park MN]

June 22, 2021

The ghastly child abuse history of F. Barry Bossa follows what has unfortunately become an all too familiar pattern in the Catholic Church.  Both prior to and after F. Barry Bossa became a Catholic priest, he has been the subject of both criminal prosecution and numerous civil lawsuits in Massachusetts and New York for abusing children in his care at every assignment.  In fact, at one point in 2002, the Vatican even plucked him from his assignment at a parish in Yonkers in order to evade criminal and civil accountability to Bossa’s victims.  The Vatican’s removal was so abrupt, Bossa’s sister had to retrieve his belongings from his living quarters at his church in Yonkers.

What is not popular knowledge is that prior to becoming a Catholic priest, Barry Bossa was the Religious Education Coordinator at the Malone District School of Religion, which was associated with St. John Bosco parish in Malone, New York.  In 1974, while in Malone, Bossa was caught abusing a twelve-year-old boy.  The State charged Bossa with a felony and he ultimately pled guilty to sexually assaulting the boy.  The matter was quietly swept under the rug and despite being aware of this conviction, in 1981 the Church allowed Bossa to become ordained as a priest where he continued to abuse children. 

Prior to coming to Malone, Barry Bossa was involved with a number of parishes and their music programs in Vermont.