13 Diocese of Rockville Centre Clergy Members Accused of Abuse

Patch [New York City NY]

July 22, 2021

By Jerry Barmash

When there’s an accusation against a priest “an investigation is immediately begun,” a Diocese of Rockville Centre spokesperson said.

Thirteen more Diocese of Rockville Centre clergy members are accused of sexually abusing children, a law firm announced Thursday.

The clergy members were identified in lawsuits filed under the New York Child Victims Act.

“This peril must be known not only by the people in the pews, not only by the people in the parishes, but the public must know about these child molesting clerics,” attorney Jeff Anderson, of Jeff Anderson & Associates, said in a news release. “Survivors of sexual abuse in New York can expose their perpetrators in court, but time is running out.”

The clergy members were identified as:

  • Rose Alauddin
  • Joseph Boyd
  • Jean Ann Burk
  • Steven Lawrence Carreras
  • Eloy Clarke
  • Michael Fleming
  • Azarias Gabriel
  • Punakateal Ivor
  • Richard Kondziolka
  • Richard Krauss
  • Anthony LaTorre
  • Robert Mulligan
  • Louis Stanislaus

The Diocese of Rockville Centre continues to monitor all newly filed claims under the CVA and
in its Chapter 11 case. All accusations are expeditiously reported to the district attorney’s office
regardless of the date of accusation,” Sean Dolan, spokesperson for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, said. “If an accusation is made against a priest currently in ministry, an investigation is immediately begun. The Diocese of Rockville Centre remains committed to the ongoing work of creating a safe environment in the church.”

Anderson’s firm represents hundreds of people in New York who claimed they were sexually abused by priests.

In the Diocese of Rockville Centre case, there is an Aug. 13 deadline for people to file a lawsuit under the New York Child Victims Act.

“We are urging the public to help us in any way they can,” attorney Mike Finnegan said. “If you know anything about these newly accused perpetrators, contact law enforcement.”