Letter to the Editor: Why do GOP State Senators oppose helping victims of clergy sexual abuse to obtain justice?

Patriot-News - PennLive [Mechanicsburg PA]

July 25, 2021

By Alexander Prodes

All the Pennsylvania Republican State Senators have opposed new legislation that will allow all the victims of clergy sexual abuse to bring these criminals and their religious leaders who covered up their sexual abuse crimes to justice, by exposing them and prosecuting them in the Pennsylvania Courts. Why? There can only be one reason.

I say that these Republican politicians are criminals themselves for protecting these criminal sexual abusers. No doubt by having their palms greased by the church lobbyists (Roman Catholic Church), their insurance company lobbyists, and any others who oppose bringing the clergy sexual abusers and church leaders to justice by covering up and remaining on the side of evil.

I pray the Good Lord punishes them severely and removes them from office unless they repent of their sins and do the right things that will bring justice and healing to the victims of which, I am one now 42 years and counting and waiting. God’s will be done!

Alexander Prodes, Nazareth, Pa.