Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg Releases Following Statement Regarding Rev. David Danneker

Diocese of Harrisburg [Harrisburg PA]

July 23, 2021

Today, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg released the following statement regarding Rev. David Danneker. Rev. Danneker most recently served in the role of vicar general and moderator of the curia.

“The Diocese of Harrisburg has received allegations of adult misconduct made against Rev. Danneker. While this matter does not involve a child, we are taking the accusations seriously. Accordingly, a full investigation, conducted by an outside third party, has been launched to review the matter.”

The allegations center around a relationship between Rev. Danneker and an adult female. A formal investigation by an outside third party is being conducted by a firm that has no ties to the Diocese. Additionally, the Church has begun an investigation into potential breaches of canon law.

Rev. Danneker has been placed on leave pending the results of this investigation.