New York’s Child Victims Act helps bring justice and peace for victims of abuse in Rochester

ROCHESTER (NY) [Seneca Falls NY]

August 10, 2021

With the deadline for the New York’s Child Victims Act coming up Friday, one local man has said the ability to file a lawsuit has changed his life for the better.

Brian Delafranier filed his lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Rochester two years ago claiming he was sexually abused for over a year by his parish priest, Reverend Robert Gaudio.

Delafranier even inspired another person struggling with the abuse from the same priest to step forward and file a claim before the deadline.

Delafranier’s attorney, Leander James, urges anyone who wants to file a claim to come forward before the deadline is up. He also states that the deadlines are not helpful for some victims who aren’t ready yet.

James is representing 120 clients in the city of Rochester who have filed claims under the Child Victims Act.

639 people have filed within the 9 counties that make up the Rochester region, the majority being in Monroe county with 545 filers.

2,186 were filed in New York County, 1,386 in Kings County, 1,055 in Erie County, 569 in Bronx County, 523 in Nassau County, 482 in Albany County, 390 in Queens County, 368 in Suffolk County, 305 in Westchester County, and 298 in Onondaga County.