Let Your Voice Be for Victims

Church Militant [Ferndale MI]

September 3, 2021

By James Grein

James Grein, who authored this open letter to encourage abuse victims to come forward, was sexually abused for almost two decades by ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who is being arraigned Sept. 3 for a sexual crime against another victim. Grein’s testimony in New Jersey and New York has highlighted the crisis of homosexual pederasty in the Catholic Church.

[Includes a video of James Grein’s speech in Baltimore on November 17, 2018]

Sept. 3, 2021

The district attorney of Norfolk County, Massachusetts has found solid, credible evidence of sexual abuse by Theodore McCarrick, the once-chief power broker of the U.S. Catholic Church who is also the highest-ranking Catholic prelate ever to be charged for sex abuse. 

Today he comes one step closer to accountability for his crimes — but sadly, just one. And there are many victims. McCarrick used his power to abuse not just those he molested, but those who love them.

One victim, John Doe, explains, “My whole family was abused by him.”

I understand what that means.

Sexual predators often seduce their victims by earning someone else’s trust first: family or friends who are slyly befriended. This is clearly illustrated in a recent case in Louisiana, in which family members still anguish over a sexual crime against a loved one in which they too were victimized.

The case in court today is the first time in the United States a cardinal has ever been criminally charged with a sex crime against a minor. I watch this case with interest not just because of my own pain or because of its significance in holding the hierarchy accountable, but also because I know it will also be watched by many victims who have yet to come forward. How will it impact them?

In the states of Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse — meaning the window of time in which victims can legally bring action against a perpetrator — never expires. While McCarrick never resided in these states, he did travel to Massachusetts, where he repeatedly abused me, resulting in the criminal charge he now faces.All of this is happening today because of Jesus Christ. He is leading this charge and I am His voice. As a great man once said to me, ‘God is never late.’GabTweet

If McCarrick — or anyone else — abused you in one of these states, you still have time to file charges that can bring your abuser to justice. Incidents of abuse can be directed to the office of the attorney general in your state.

This will be the most important call of your life, but it’s one that must be made in order for justice to be served and to heal not just you but the millions of souls across the world — including their betrayed family and friends — who still suffer.

This very instant marks a great opportunity for the world to see Theodore Edgar McCarrick as the predator he is. But it’s also a time for the uncounted victims to seek justice for themselves and those they love. 

All of this is happening today because of Jesus Christ. He is leading this charge and I am His voice. As a great man once said to me, “God is never late.”

For me, the last three years have been a daily devotion to Jesus Christ. I feel the strongest while in prayer with Him. There have been days when I have strayed from Him, but my return is quick and effortless. Daily, I feel the love and care of millions of prayers spoken by wonderful, God-loving people around the world. 

I want to share that love, that strength, with all of you who are still hurting but silent. I pray you will take action.

God bless,

James Grein