Toxic blend of “trust and power” makes Catholic Church hotbed for systemic child abuse

France 24 [Paris, France]

October 7, 2021


In the wake of a major child sexual abuse investigation that counted 216,000 victims in France, spanning over seven decades, France 24 is joined by Marc Artzrouni, European Coordinator for SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests). Mr. Artzrouni expressed amazement and gratification that the damning report had such a profound and immediate impact. “I wasn’t really expecting such an impact,’ admits Mr. Artzrouni, “and I’m really glad the report is reverberating throughout the world and throughout the media.” Additionally, he highlights a very disturbing pattern: “Very few countries have been unaffected by this. Very few countries where there is a Catholic presence have been unaffected by this.” Offering a little historical perspective, Mr. Artzrouni points out that “this report goes back to the 1950’s. It’s highly probable that this has been going on for centuries in the Catholic Church.”