More than 40 names of clergy accused of sex abuse in the Diocese of Springfield

WWLP [Springfield, MA]

November 30, 2021

By Nick Aresco

The Springfield Diocese has added another name to the list of clergy who have been credibly accused of sex abuse.

The list continues to grow for clergy who have been accused of sex abuse within the Springfield Diocese. The Diocese said the late Father Joseph Quinlan was added to the list based on a credible finding by their review board. His name was added due to an alleged incident involving sexual abuse to a minor in 1974.

The late Fr. Joseph P. Quinlan added to list of credibly accused clergy by the Diocese of Springfield 

Quinlan now joins a list of more than 40 names after the Diocese began a new policy this past summer amid a scandal over rape allegations against late Bishop Christopher Weldon. Bishop William Byrne said the Diocese has been working to publish names who have a credible allegation of sexual abuse against them.

In a statement Byrne said, “since my arrival in the diocese of Springfield, I have been committed to transparency and communication with regard to the scandal of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, religious and lay church staff. It is an open wound that has remained for far too long.”

Quinlan served for 18 years in the Diocese of Springfield, from 1971-1989, and was a long time Director of the former Cathedral High School. He died in 1989.

The Diocese said it will continue to make the public aware of those who have done wrong in the past.

Finding of Credibility of an Allegation of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

  1. Paul Archambault
  2. Albert Rene Blanchard
  3. Donald A. Desilets
  4. Michael Henry Devlin
  5. Thomas Ludger Dupre
  6. David Michael Farland
  7. Joseph Clarence W. Forand
  8. Alfred Charles Graves
  9. Maurice P. Karam
  10. Edward Kennedy
  11. John Anthony Koonz
  12. Francis Patrick Lavelle
  13. Richard Roger Lavigne
  14. Ronald Raoul Malboeuf
  15. James Martone
  16. Richard Francis Meehan
  17. John R. Russell
  18. Charles Joseph Sgueglia
  19. Charles Sullivan
  20. Ronald Wamsher
  21. Ralph Herbert Adair
  22. William Edward Francis Allen
  23. Henry Auger
  24. Edward George Authier
  25. Joseph Rosario Gerald Beauregard
  26. Frederic George Dion
  27. John Paul Donahue
  28. Donald Valmore Dube
  29. W. Francois Dufresne
  30. John F. Egan
  31. Timothy Joseph Hallahan
  32. Earl Albert Victor Hebert
  33. Karl Huller
  34. Roy Jenness
  35. John R. Klekotka
  36. Thomas James McCarthy
  37. James Daniel McKenna
  38. John Davitt McNamara
  39. James Paul Menge
  40. Thomas Joseph O’Connor
  41. Joseph P. Quinlan
  42. Jean Paul Richard
  43. Ferdinand Roy
  44. Richard Joseph Welch
  45. Christopher J. Weldon