‘Egypt’s Jeffrey Epstein’, Mohamed Al-Amin, Arrested for Human Trafficking

Albawaba [Amman, Jordan]

January 9, 2022

By Riham Darwish

Leading Egyptian businessman and media tycoon Mohamed Al-Amin was arrested last weekend by authorities, facing charges of human trafficking and sexually assaulting minor females for years.

The arrest was announced by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in a statement posted on Facebook, in which they pledged to hold any individual accountable for such violations, regardless of any considerations.

Sources have reported that the National Council For Childhood and Motherhood had received a complaint from a Beni Suef-based orphanage owned by the businessman last December, highlighting that he was frequently harassing and possibly raping young girls in the establishment throughout the years. 

The National Council For Childhood and Motherhood then briefed the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the complaint, after which investigations were being conducted secretly by authorities before the recent decision to arrest him from his household in the 5th Settlement district in Cairo.

Investigations and medical examinations have so far revealed that several female residents of the orphanage aged between 8 and 12 have been sexually abused by Mohamed Al-Amin.

The news shocked the Egyptian public who expressed relief over the fact that Mohamed Al-Amin’s social and business status has not affected the authorities’ decision to persecute him. 

Online people who have called him “the Egyptian Jeffrey Epstein” have since been sharing anecdotes told by Mohamed Al-Amin’s victims.

Besides founding the CBC TV network, Mohamed Al-Amin is a major business partner in the real-estate Amer Group, Elwatan newspaper, and Al-Nahar TV network.