Nate’s Mission: Response to Green Bay Diocese statement regarding recent reports of child sexual abuse

GREEN BAY (WI) [Madison, WI]

January 21, 2022

As an anti-clergy abuse and survivors advocacy organization, the policy of Nate’s Mission is never to provide victim information or criminal evidence of cover-up to any church organization, entity or official currently under criminal or civil investigation. This is precisely why our organization delivered the church whistleblower documents to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul as well as Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and Brown County District Attorney David Lasee.

It is perhaps understandable that Green Bay church officials may not have many of these documents because, according to church whistleblower documents, they systematically destroyed a large portion of their criminal evidence.

In this afternoon’s press release, the Green Bay diocese stated that they would provide documents relating to any “prosecutable crimes” to Attorney General Kaul’s office. Per Wisconsin state law, the Green Bay diocese does not possess the statutory authority to determine whether cases are prosecutable. Attorney General Kaul, however, does possess the authority to make these determinations and act accordingly. As such, we expect his office to issue subpoenas to retrieve evidence from the Green Bay diocese and compel the testimony of individuals involved in institutional concealment of criminal evidence.

Nate’s Mission is urging whistleblowers or any individual in possession of information related to cover-up of child sexual abuse to continue to contact our organization through our website: