Letter to editor: Ex-Pope Benedict must be held to higher standard over abuse allegations

The Times/The Sunday Times [London, England]

February 6, 2022

David Quinn lets Pope Benedict off very lightly with his criticism (“Scandals rock my faith in church, not Catholicism”, Comment, last week). He says, for example, that the former pope might not have handled German abuse allegations properly, but the accusation is that, as Cardinal Ratzinger, he did all in his power to cover up the scandal.

Quinn then compares Ratzinger with other public figures who have lied. Surely he should be held to a much higher standard than this.

Ratzinger’s diocese deliberately moved paedophile priests around, resulting in innumerable other children being sexually abused.

The harm that he caused is incalculable. Then, with this on his conscience, he allowed his name to be put forward and was elected pope, the moral compass of the Roman Catholic church. The hypocrisy of this leaves me speechless.

Richard Williams, Valentia Island