Statement Regarding Rev. Michael Schemm

Diocese of Wichita KS

March 7, 2022

Today, Rev. Michael Schemm was reinstated to public ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.

In October of last year, the diocese received an allegation that Father Schemm, pastor at Church of the Resurrection, sexually abused a minor in the 1990s. Rev. Schemm denied the allegation and was placed on administrative leave of absence pending investigation.

In accordance with our protocols, the diocese notified the district attorney. Ultimately, the district attorney elected not to further pursue the matter based on his conclusion that “the prosecution of any alleged crime in this situation would be time-barred.” The diocese also performed its own investigation of the allegation, which was recently completed and presented to the Charter Review Board (CRB).

The CRB reviewed this entire matter, including investigative materials and other information relating to Rev. Schemm’s 28 years of service to this diocese. The majority of CRB members, which is composed mostly of lay persons, determined that there was insufficient evidence to corroborate Father Schemm’s involvement in this matter and therefore, recommended to me that Rev. Michael Schemm should be returned to ministry.

Taking into account the recommendation from the Charter Review Board, and based on my own independent review of the matter, I have concluded that Rev. Schemm should be reinstated to public ministry. We are currently working with Father Schemm and staff at Church of the Resurrection to reintegrate him into ministry. 

Most Reverend Carl A. Kemme,

Bishop Catholic Diocese of Wichita