Mary Alexander & Associates Files California Clergy Abuse Lawsuit

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May 5, 2022

By Mary Alexander & Associates

Mary Alexander filed a lawsuit on behalf of a man who alleges he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest when he was a young boy.

The man, named John Doe in the complaint, alleges that Father Murrough Wallace and two young priests sexually abused and assaulted him when he was 10 years old. The alleged abuse took place in Holy Angels Catholic Church and School in Yuba City, CA in 1965. 

The man alleges Father Wallace took him to the rectory, where two younger priests held him down while the older priest sexually assaulted him. The plaintiff in this matter also accused Father Wallace of using a brass incense burner to knock him unconscious as he was fighting back against the priests. 

The man alleges a nun was nearby who came to his aid and that the police were called.

“Our office has seen case after case where young people were taken advantage of by predator priests such as Father Wallace,” said San Francisco clergy abuse attorney Mary Alexander. “This priest was a known predator, has been accused by many people of sexual abuse, and the Sacramento Catholic Church allowed him to continue to prey on young boys throughout his life.”

Father Murrough Wallace was a priest serving in the Diocese of Sacramento for many years, as well as other parts of California.

The lawsuit, filed in Alameda Superior Court under JCCP No. 5108, names The Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento as a defendant as Father Wallace has died.

“It’s also important to know there is a window in the statute of limitations that means no matter how long ago the abuse was you can bring a lawsuit.  It is open until the end of this year,” Ms. Alexander added.

The lawsuit is John Doe D.M. v. Doe Diocese; No. 21CV001407. 

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