Ex-Catholic brother faces abuse charges

South Coast Register [New South Wales, Australia]

August 16, 2022

By Laine Clark, Australian Associated Press

A former Catholic brother’s lawyer has conceded there is a case against his client in relation to a third person at a Brisbane court committal hearing.

Frank Terrence Keating, 79, is charged with 18 counts that include indecent dealing, indecent treatment and carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature.

Prosecutors allege Keating committed the offences – against four boys and one girl – while teaching at a Queensland school in the 1980s.

A third alleged victim and his family members on Tuesday gave evidence at Keating’s Brisbane Magistrates Court committal hearing.

Keating’s lawyer Terry O’Gorman conceded there was a prima facie case against his client for the third alleged victim on one charge after evidence was given in a closed court.

Mr O’Gorman on Monday had also conceded there was a case against Keating in relation to eight charges involving two other alleged victims.

Keating was due to face a further 15 counts relating to another person but the Crown withdrew those at the start of the hearing.

The committal hearing before magistrate Peter Saggers continues.