Nigeria: Priest arrested for impregnating twelve-year-old girl

BN4Y (Breaking News 4 You) [Abuja, Nigeria]

September 5, 2022

By Richards

The forty-eight-year-old priest was arrested for impregnating a twelve-year-old girl who is a member of the Light House Gospel Church, Oluwo.

The information has also revealed that the mother of a twelve-year-old victim joined church due to spiritual problems, which led to the death of her two daughters.

The victim’s mother wanted to save her daughter from family problems and brought her to the church.

The Father of three children and the church’s priest asked the mother of the twelve-year-old victim to send her to church alone for special prayers.

The priest took the twelve-year-old girl into the room within the church and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her, which resulted in pregnancy.

CSP Olasunkanmi Popoola informed the detectives about the scenes soon after police arrested the church priest.

The victim’s mother told police that since her daughter was not regularly menstruating every month, it was difficult to know that her daughter was seven months pregnant.

The twelve-year-old victim, who gave birth to a baby three months ago, told police that a church priest threatened her that she had to face dire consequences if she informed anybody about what happened between them, and that was why she didn’t tell her mother.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bankole, has ordered the transfer of the forty-eight-year-old culprit for further investigation of the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department.

Nigeria is believed as a country with a high level of crime. Nigeria ranks 17th among the least peaceful countries in the world.

There is a total yearly count of killings for each country. Rates are estimated per 100,000 residents. According to its most recent collection of statistics, According to report, it is found that Nigeria had the most homicides by count.

The major crime in Nigeria includes rape, robbery, kidnapping, cyber-crimes, bribery and corruption, money laundering, etc.