It’s right to acknowledge how church was a force for good

Irish Independent [Dublin, Ireland]

December 2, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Despite the awful abuse that took place within its walls, the Catholic Church should also be acknowledged for the good work it has done

John Daly’s article (‘Vatican Pimpernel reminds us that not all priests are bad’, Irish Independent, November 28) was a long-overdue acknowledgment of the good work that has been done by the Catholic Church in making Ireland what it is today – a modern and prosperous country.

This has been achieved in no small measure by religious orders who founded our first hospitals and schools free of charge when the struggling state had no money to do so. Blatantly ignoring the contribution of these selfless men and women is a gross and unfair distortion of our history.

Unfortunately, as in our wider society, horrendous abuse was perpetrated by a minority of very sick and cruel people. Painting all our religious orders with the same sex abuse brush is a horrible injustice to our fellow Irish citizens.

The vast majority of Catholic religious are being wrongly accused in the public mind of hideous crimes, and it appears as if their life’s work has been rubbished. It is past time when their contribution to Irish society is openly acknowledged in a fair and compassionate way.

Eileen Davey, Laytown, Co Meath