Diocese: Escanaba teacher fired due to ‘boundary violations’ with student


February 15, 2023

By TV6 News Team

A catholic school teacher in Escanaba has been fired after an investigation into boundary violations with a student.

The Diocese of Marquette said Wednesday that the person whose employment was terminated is not a priest. He was an employee of the school. The school has not identified the teacher.

The Diocese says no criminal charges have been filed by authorities, however, the teacher’s employment at Holy Name Catholic School in Escanaba was terminated after violations of diocesan safe environment policies were discovered. He was originally suspended due to allegations of boundary violations.

Michigan Child Protective Services and Escanaba Public Safety were notified and are investigating. The school is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Along with background checks and ongoing monthly training, employees and volunteers are required to follow safe environment policies and procedures designed to make schools and church properties safe for children and young people.

On Sunday night, Jan. 29, a parent made a complaint to a teacher who alerted the school’s principal. Classroom video was reviewed on Monday, Jan. 30 and the student’s family was contacted that same day. The teacher was suspended the following day. He has not been on campus since Friday, Jan. 27. A diocesan victim’s assistance coordinator was contacted on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Michigan Child Protective Services was contacted on Wednesday, Feb. 1, which referred the matter to Escanaba Public Safety.

Escanaba Public Safety began reviewing classroom video and on Thursday, Feb. 9 identified potential boundary violations with a second preschool child. With permission of the police, the school’s principal notified the child’s parents that day.

On Sunday, the accused teacher’s employment was terminated, and parents were notified. A meeting with parents and police officers was held on Tuesday. Holy Name Catholic School continues to assist the authorities in their investigation.